Macv-Sog Recon mission for SOG cDLC

2021.10.23 21:38 SpoonkillerCZ Macv-Sog Recon mission for SOG cDLC

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2021.10.23 21:38 BonnieB-007 Getting sick of this mode tbh

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2021.10.23 21:38 DulceDiabla_ So I finished the show for a third time the other night and I started watching Alone Together on Hulu. It’s not the exact same but it had the best friends and everyday shenanigans going on though

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2021.10.23 21:38 No_Consequence_267 Cubecraft needs to chill

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2021.10.23 21:38 Crmpii Connected Franchise (Xbox One)

Anybody want to join a connected Franchise? Fantasy Draft
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2021.10.23 21:38 evanhinton That is the thruthiest thruth

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2021.10.23 21:38 Doolfan Does anybody know what this is called?

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2021.10.23 21:38 whitezombie_2000 Save state compatibility with newer builds and cores

Just curious if there is a way to make some save states work with newer builds or are some cores just incompatible with older core save states. I played through Sega CD Lunar 1 and 2 on 1.9.6, created save states before every boss, then installed 1.9.11 on top of it, and updated the cores. The save states for genesis_plus_gx_libretro freeze upon loading them after the core was updated. Fceumm_libretro states seem to be incompatible after updating as well. I tested some states from mgba_libretro and mednafen_psx_libretro and no issue loading them after updating. I kept a copy of 1.9.6 so I can still use those states if I want just load a state fight a boss. I could try recreating the save states from an actual back up ram save file but that would be pain every time since I have a lot.
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2021.10.23 21:38 ArtElectronic8822 Fullz!!!!Ccs!!!Methods!!!!

I got fullz wits Ss , Ccs with the emails and passwords , and new methods damn near every day. All for $25-$100
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2021.10.23 21:38 PicsBae Game of Thrones TV Series Wallpapers Set-24 (8)

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2021.10.23 21:38 gracefukhearts Darkrai join now 7351 0618 5235

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2021.10.23 21:38 TheAsianDefender2 Ableton 11 - Project CPU overloading although it was fine a few weeks ago

I'm new to owning Ableton. Not new to using it (was a pirate for a long trial period before I decided I loved it enough to make the financial commitment). So I bought Ableton 11 maybe two months ago. Been using it and so far so good, however a relatively small project I have (6 MIDI tracks, no vst plugins, everything stock) that didn't previously overload my CPU is now overloading it. I can get about 2-3 seconds of audio before it starts clipping. Probably 2 weeks ago this project was playing fine though. What's going on here? I used to run my pirated Ableton 10 off my laptop with lower specs than the PC I'm using now. Current specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11400F @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz, 16gb RAM, NVidia RTX 3060Ti.
I've seen some other posts with people having the same issue (CPU overload for practically no reason), but no good solution. Is this just unresolved bugs in the newest release? I feel so indignant for having finally bought Ableton and now this happens.
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2021.10.23 21:38 Goldwater496 Trading this for reaper

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2021.10.23 21:38 KevinCarbonara Can you get the Outsize Absolute+ in any color other than gold?
I really wanted the absolute+ because it came with the soft roller head for hardwood floors. You can get the outsize by itself in a grey color, but this gold is just horrendous. I'd be willing to step down from the outsize model to get a better color if it still came with the soft roller head.
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2021.10.23 21:38 SHADAMORPH [Hip Hop] HIDE - TANK

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2021.10.23 21:38 CommanderKidGrump Has anyone had a bad experience with a capstone/dissertation/thesis project?

I'm like halfway through mines. Originally went in with a straightforward idea but the professor basically scoffed and talked down on it. Now I'm doing their version of it which isn't what I want to be doing. It's making me miserable and I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.
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2021.10.23 21:38 Raddewitt1 Does anyone know what kind of fish this is

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2021.10.23 21:38 jmangaming110 Spectrum stone

Bruh if lad using the spectrum stone becomes gad
Who is the original gad?
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2021.10.23 21:38 lpm07

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2021.10.23 21:38 kuynernews Social credit CEO @Jinnytty1 #jinnytty

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2021.10.23 21:38 PointZeroOnePercent Is there a reason we don't see Dalano earlier?

Has he given Nick a reason not to play him a bit earlier? Even when we have a double digit lead? Our guy always comes in with energy and swings momentum in our favor, so why do guys like Svi, Goran, and now Isaac get minutes before him? Unleash our rook, Coach!
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2021.10.23 21:38 PilsburyEmployee Christie Brinkley for SI at 63

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2021.10.23 21:38 mikeskick PAULO COSTA VS. MARVIN VETTORI full fight UFC

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2021.10.23 21:38 asteroid_cream Lost necklace in the AVL Target

Hello! This is a long shot, but it's a sentimental piece that won't be valuable to anyone else, so I have to try. I lost a necklace somewhere in the AVL Target at around noon today. The story is this: I was a fool and let my small child hold it, and she predictably dropped it, and since my brain is garbage because I have a small child, I didn't notice at the time. Anyway, it's a wire-wrapped crystal on a long brass chain. If someone on here miraculously comes across it, please get in touch. Willing to offer a reward (the stone is from the place where I got married).
Image here:
Thanks for reading!
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2021.10.23 21:38 itsukiNakanobest New Eatsuki Bride Illustration as the movie was announced for summer 2022.

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