Sexual urge or arousal?

2021.10.22 10:33 Mattol7 Sexual urge or arousal?

Hello everyone, why when I think about sexual thing or when I see women who arouse me sexualy (in swimsuit by example ) I have rush of anxiety in heart like arousal,sexual urge, it is urge or what is it? It's paraphilia? I have this feeling when I see beautiful arousing leg or girl on the beach
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2021.10.22 10:33 InfantryMOD Legal win offers hope of new era for beavers and farmers

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2021.10.22 10:33 Lauren_Bambi Don't even care how awful my face looks in this, I adore this dress!

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2021.10.22 10:33 Hottie_Queen Up so early, am I hot 🔥🥵? F22

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2021.10.22 10:33 Still_a_potato7 Do you think robots can replace humans? Why?

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2021.10.22 10:33 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in IN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Walmart Warehouse Worker - Full TIme Alamo
Walmart Shipping Team Member Alamo
Walmart Freight Associate Arlington
Walmart Shipping Team Member Arlington
Walmart Storeman Arlington
Walmart Freight Mover Atlanta
Walmart Freight Handler Attica
Walmart Storeman Attica
Walmart Freight Receiver Bloomfield
Walmart Shipping Team Member Bloomingdale
Walmart Warehouse Worker Bloomingdale
Walmart Warehouse Associate - Full TIme Butlerville
Walmart Distribution Associate Butlerville
Walmart Warehouse Associate - Full TIme Cicero
Walmart Distribution Associate Cumberland
Walmart Distribution Center Team Member - Full TIme Cumberland
Walmart Freight Mover Darlington
Walmart Freight Handler Darlington
Walmart Warehouse Worker - Full TIme Elizabethtown
Walmart Distribution Center Team Member - Full TIme Ellettsville
Walmart Freight Receiver Fontanet
Walmart Freight Associate Fontanet
Walmart Laborer - Full time Warehouse Fontanet
Walmart Shipping Team Member Fowlerton
Walmart Storeman Greenwood
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in in. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 10:33 AntiDreamHQ I am u/AntiEuroHQ

My other account got permanently suspended so i have to use this one for a while
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2021.10.22 10:33 polk-a-dop Three importantthings all at once and I want to scream

Due to covid last year we couldn't spend our anniversary together, and tbf we had a shitty day due to a handful of reason and decided second anniversary we would spend together no matter what.
Found out last week, our anniversary is the same say as SO has their course running....anniversary 20th, course runs two days a week on 20th and 21st. No big deal, id go to them, spend a day together they would do their work and get to see eachother on our anniversary, id then leave a day or two after.
Except today....I find out I have my graduation on the 21st. SO was also supposed to attend my graduation no matter what. Except now due to their course, which is in person only, they cant leave and will be in the class so they cant even watch it online.
Now we cant even spend out anniversary together or celebrate my graduation together. To top it off i wanted to see eachother one last time before the end of the year, and we decided the anniversary visit would be the last this year which now cant happen.
I feel so stupid for getting annoyed with it all, because they are all really positive things and completely out of our control, they've just come all at once and i absolutely hate it because i know this is just how the next several years are gonna go.
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2021.10.22 10:33 anonymous_fungi Polish yer boots!

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2021.10.22 10:33 benj1ling chance me for ED2 Northeastern plss

Im a US citizen but im applying from s korea. that makes me domestic applicant tho
Intended major(s): health science or data science and health science (combined major)
i have a 3.9 uw and 4.1 weighted, upward trend
my sat now is a 1320 which ik is low, but im taking it again and expecting a 1450 (i should go test optional right? the middle 50% range is 1470-1540 :((((((((((so high)
ECs: FoundeLeader of debate club at my school for 2 years(junior-now), co-founder of volunteer organization to tutor north korean refugees (only senior year), member of club that posts info resources about COVID(junior-now), MUN (junior-senior), dance 2 years, and class representative senior year.
Do i lack in ECs???? should i be doing more ik neu is so competitive especially this year:::((((
English 11 Honors - A
my previous school (9th-10th) didnt offer any APS so i kinda have an excuse for only 1 score. This years im taking AP Calc, bio, macro and Lang, pretty sure im gonna end with all As.
i also think im gonna have strong recc letters.
my top 2 schools are northeastern and boston u,,, i like northeastern a bit better, but do u think i have a better chance applying to BU ED2???? THXXX
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2021.10.22 10:33 fustreiche $PHUN Phunware Acquires This Innovative High-Performance Computer Company @

$PHUN Phunware Acquires This Innovative High-Performance Computer Company
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2021.10.22 10:33 Tarantulas What are your favorite horror games for vintage (pre-system 8) Macintosh computers?

I've got a short list... but I'm looking for hidden gems.
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2021.10.22 10:33 Prestigious-Body1499 Honestly……..

Who wants to be in a market that’s not fair and transparent…….the government will never do anything to the market makers….they are all involved……I hodl every day and buy as I can but when is enough enough……..should I take my money out
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2021.10.22 10:33 jgwynne13 Tried to mention replenishment

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2021.10.22 10:33 Tomskaa Nofap makes you aggressive?

I’ve been on nofap for only a week and I’m started to get more agitated and agressive, is this normal?
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2021.10.22 10:33 Jaidata Eddie Bauer 100% Premium Cotton Bedding Sheet Set - $39.99

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2021.10.22 10:33 BigBombBudz Starting to bud, under a SPIDER-FARMER SF4000, kicking ass with the growth..

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2021.10.22 10:33 chanel2791 Pregnant and 8K debt but on track

So we just found out we're pregnant. I've been paying down my credit card of 8K - I'm on track to pay it off by end of Dec.2021. My income is around 6K a month (ours combined about 8K and he is debt free) , monthly expenses around 2K. According to my budget I'd have about 15k-18k saved before baby arrives in July 2022 and cc paid off by in 2.5 months Dec 2021.
I really want to be debt free when baby arrives - but do I continue on this path or hold on cc payments and keep saving till Baby comes? This is all so new to me any advice would help!
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2021.10.22 10:33 Phatoon Ready… jump!

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2021.10.22 10:33 InterpidSword Zamazenta code for Zacian Code

I have a code for Zamazenta Which i havent used, and I'm looking to exchange it for an unused Zacian code
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2021.10.22 10:33 Lol33ta 'Discussing Business' by caesar120

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2021.10.22 10:33 itz_game_pro Got' myself a cheiky littl' brit' (sorry xD)

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2021.10.22 10:33 TheHandsomeGuyy What shroom is that?

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2021.10.22 10:33 Redditsufan How Dark Worlds are made + What this tells us about Chapter 3 & Why [MIKE] is most likely the TV!

It's been a while! You may, or may not remember me from my last post on a theory as to why the secret bosses yearn for Freedom from the DARK & how it may connect to those revealing Shadow Crystals.
Last time I unsubtly mentioned a "theory for another time" on the Knight putting things together. And it is this theory that we will tackle today!
As we now know thanks to our glorious Queen, DARK WORLDS are created by the KNIGHT's Will, their Determination, infused into their blade, & stabbed into the world which causes Dark smoke to erupt & the EARTH to bleed a FOUNTAIN of Dark Fluid that truly reflects it's death as Ralsei has told us so much about & reminded us again. Everybody bleeds right? Even the Earth.
That Knight sure drove her NUTS!
We should have known Determination was behind this! There is only ONE power that can bend reality & transform the world! That is the power of the WILL.
(Not to mention considering Gaster's research was on Determination as seen by the Skull shaped device Alphys built from "the Blueprints" [Not "my blueprints"] Sans [ "doesn't everybody?" Know Alphys "WAIT THAT BAG OF DOG FOOD LOOKS FAMILIAR... I REMEMBER SEEING IT... IN SANS' ROOM?"] gave her to supplement her lack of actual science experience when she lied her way into this job, Gaster must have found out about DARKNESS through this, as otherwise, he'd be going off-topic. )
In this case, that of the Knight. Something King has mentioned before.
That Knight sure drove him NUTS!

More than just Earth blood, the Dark Fountain has a will of it's own, but as we just went over, that will, in turn, comes from the KNIGHT, which then goes into the Darkners, which makes sense considering they are just objects, they cannot have wills of their own unless such wills are given by someone else... Much like a... puppet.
Poor Lancer... Poor Susie... It's okay to let go, well be back for him!
Or a toy. Or, well, any object.
As such, far from the universal GRAND FOUNTAIN & under a foreign one, the will of Darkners from different worlds eventually runs out... Unless you are made from it like Ralsei here, apparently.
But, this isn't the full story! Clearly, something else factors in the will of the Darkners besides the will of the FOUNTAIN alone.
And that is position.
Remember that map of the abandoned classroom with the annotations? It's striking how much the location of objects not only reflects the world but even Rouxls encounters!
Now look at the Computer Lab: Here we can see the state of the art laptop (Queen + her mansion?), her warewires (Extention Cord & wires all filled up as most of the plug people turn into them), & Trashy (You get the feeling it doesn't have many friends...) and one other thing...
Hey! It's EV3RY BUDDY'S FAVORITE [Number 1 rated salesman1997] Spamto- SPAMTON G. SPAMTON! Someone seems to have put him in the trash... Likely from where he was in the basement/on the computer... All in all it's quite a weird accident. Unless... It wasn't an accident.
No, none of this is an accident, all of this from the laying down of the toys to the E_mails & other things was quite deliberate, we know it is because of what we saw after Kris, Susie & Toriel went to sleep. As I said, the Knight does more than simply stab the Earth with their will, they put everything in order...
That's what I'm selling to you today. Dark Worlds are created not just by the Knight's will, but by how the Knight positions the objects. It's kind of like playing chess... Or, programing a game...
So even though I don't think anything Meta is going on with the secret bosses, you could see this as a metaphor for escaping a game... "YOUR WORLD'S A FANTASY!" Chaos chaos to break the order of the Knight!
So, knowing this, what does this tell us about Chapter 3? Well, Chapter 3 right off the bat before we've even gotten it, Chapter 3 is unique as it is the first time we have seen what the Dark World truly looks like before Darkness rises, we get to see a Dark World's birth from the Knight's craftsmanship in real time.
So what will the Chapter 3's Dark World be like?
Well, the first part of it's creation actually happened before that cutscene, as Kris seperated from the others to wash their hands before collapsing, getting their SOUL, their will (?) but mostly ours ripped out, & shambling like they're starring in the "Thriller" Music Video out the window.

FIGHT -> X-Slash
Interestingly this also lead to Toriel & perhaps Undyne getting involved. Some may say this is to prevent escape, but Toriel wasn't going anywhere but to get sugar from the trunk & we have to factor in the next part.
After falling asleep with their BFF Susie, Kris awakens & gets their SOUL torn out again, shambling first, to the front door.

Now, this is VERY significant. Remember what Queen said, lamenting how her Dark World was trapped within the library. Seems the Knight has heard her & rectified this, this time, the Darkness will not be simply trapped inside a building. And surely, it will affect the family car! This is why I include it as step one. Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour's close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood... to terrorize ya'll's neighborhood...

Anyone else notice Kris is the only one wearing Knight Armor in the dark world? Yet, nobody seems to recognize them, perhaps the difference between Lightbringer & Knight lies in the SOUL? After all, in a battle only the SOUL is attacked, it is ripped out & shared between party members.

Finally, the Knight turns on the television before pulling the FOUNTAIN from the earth...
\"Poor thing, you look like you haven't been used in years before today... Let's see what you can do.\"
The next Guardian of the Fountain has been chosen. He smiles, ready for showtime.
So to recap we know the next Dark World will likely be large & go outside, involving the car. And that a TV person will be it's BOSS.
This is the most we can be sure about, but I'm not done yet, is there anything we can glean about the TV BOSS? Yes! Not in this room however, but, from experiences with Spamton.
Much like JEVIL before him our old pal Spamton has already told us who's next.

Hintity hint hint?
But why is it likely the TV is Mike? There are many clues that point in this direction, above being the most blatant one.
There is also the Addisons who tell us Spamton was once just another Addison, but just unlucky... The target audience of all Addisons as Ads, Lightners, never looked his way. He wanted to be famous, a Big Shot... as the 90s people say. He became desperate, looking for any way to be more popular, then he found someone, or perhaps was found BY someone & they began to help him, his success grew & while he ultimately lost his friends he gained so much.

Hin- Wait, a big car? Hmm... Of course he advertised a dealership but could this also relate to the family's slashed [Specil Cungadero]?
TV deals & big commercials from his mysterious benefactor. For the Lightners to see, mind you. But one day, they vanished & with him so did Spamton's success & finally Spamton himself...
Another clue lies in Spamton's glasses. Occasionally, they become fogged by TV static, now, if you think about it that's pretty weird for an Internet-based character to do... Glitching sure, but, TV static?
It happens when he is talking about Mike. His tone of voice changes & he says his name again, normally.
You know, it's interesting how the Addison describes Spamton as suddenly becoming very good at his job, the way it's phrased, almost seems like he suddenly got powers of some kind... Or perhaps... he was possessed?
Honestly it all feels like Spamton made a deal with the Devil or a Demon which is fitting considering the many religious undertones in Deltarune, from churches to "THE HOLY" Fountains, the ANGEL & their HEAVEN, to Ralsei being the "Prince of the Kingdom of Darkness" (Prince of Darkness being another name for THE DEVIL, it's not subtle, Shoutout to a theory that I think deserves more attention, also fits the theory that Ralsei is Kris' lost red horns brought to life which I also covered, red horns are devil horns) Jevil outright calling us sinners, Spamton's obsession with flying into the clouds & seeing [Heaven] & cute little Angel buddies when you press F1 for HELP.
(Some say Spamton reminds them of Alastor the radio demon from Hazbin Hotel & I guess???, though it's interesting that his powers are also implied to come in part from a TV guy. Don't shake his hand! Don't make a deal!)

And even in UNDERTALE but of course also here in Deltarune where ASRIEL sounds similar to the biblical angel of death Azrael & some theories suggest he was actually the ANGEL of prophecy who saw the surface & came down from above. Taking the winged form of the DELTA RUNE after achieving godhood. Which would mean he is the Angel in deltarune too, coming back in a week (Chapter 7 perhaps? A week from Chapter 1 if each one is a day) & having an unusual relationship to Ralsei... Their names being swaps. But that is also a theory for some other time though I have said a lot about it in the comments of that other theory though should workshop some things into a proper theory.
There are many odd things about Spamton such as how he has two tones of voice (er, styles of writing), most of the time he speaks in ALLCAPS but sometimes normal capitalization leaks through, especially here & when we beat him in a normal route.
Note that the TV static gets BRIGHTER & BRIGHTER during this scene.
It's almost as if someone else is talking, this is also notable when he sneaks all those [Advertisements] in his sentences. Other times with this static (or black eyes on the overworld sprite) include when he talks about something that gets [Hyperlink Blocked].
Another clue is something many have talked about already, the BIG SHOT soda TV commercial from the 90s. Which may be the inspiration for Mike's name.
All in all, from constant TV mentions to static eyes a lot seems to imply that Spamton is connected to the TV boss who is Mike. There is too much to ignore, there is a very good chance in the next Dark World we will be facing the Master BIG SHOT, the source of Spamton's power & that we should be careful & not believe what
(Fantrack not my creation)
It's interesting, there is also a potential clue about what his character is like, as portrayed above he may truly be a [Gameshow Host]. during Spamton's Snowgrave dialogue where he is often projecting his experiences onto Kris, he accuses Kris of stealing the Fountain & accuses them of trying to , this line doesn't make much sense until you remember that at the peak of his success Spamton's benefactor vanished & so too did his career.
Some have said "well what if Mike is a Microphone?", but that seems unlikely given there are no known microphones in the House or especially the Living Room, there is a Landline Phone though quite close to the TV...
Some, well, most have also wondered if Gaster is the benefactor but that doesn't make sense considering Gaster is a Scientist not a salesman or advertising wiz. Now a TV, even in this day & age is a great way to reach LIGHTNERs. Some say this is because of the "Garbage Noise" reference but the Garbage Noise doesn't just occur with Gaster, it occurs any time you make a call in a Dark World, it's more a "Darkness Noise" than a "Gaster Noise."
No, Gaster's only role appears to be as our guide to trying to save this world of "VERY, VERY, WONDERFUL" someones, which he always encouraged us to do in Chapter 1 & the Twitter. And now, as always, he's probably just watching, listening, & taking notes like a scientist. Though it isn't as clear as when words like "THE DARK" appeared on the game title.
But what do you all think? I eagerly await your feedback.
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2021.10.22 10:33 Valkyria1968 Anyone??

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