What about that

2021.10.22 10:37 Minimum-Row6464 What about that

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2021.10.22 10:37 allnamesaretaken467 And only on unimportant tasks

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2021.10.22 10:37 Elros22 Any idea what will happen to undelivered R1Ts?

With traditional car makers when a pre-order customer doesn't take the pre-ordered car the local dealership takes the car and just puts it on the lot.
For example, the Ford Maverick is in the early stages of delivery to pre-orders, but you can find a handful on lots if you look hard enough.
But Rivian doesn't have a dealership network, so what's happening to those?
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2021.10.22 10:37 kikil00 How to Mic a (Large) Room?

I work at a 300 seat theatre that’s interested in capturing the room as opposed to micing the actors specifically with lavs or facials. What microphones would you recommend? Currently we have a couple of terrible/old choir mics hung and nothing else. I’m looking to replace those with aerials and have some semi-permanent boundary mics onstage. Any advice on the best way to approach this or specific mic brands to purchase?
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2021.10.22 10:37 Soul____Reaper Shamnk

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2021.10.22 10:37 Chess-Swagger I made a poll and over 60 of you responded, so I spent the last 48 hours making this Paul Morphy opera game animation. To show love, I will also be doing game of thrones with twitch chess celebs and Fabi vs. Magnus world championship games in Pokémon style. I hope you enjoy this work

I made a poll and over 60 of you responded, so I spent the last 48 hours making this Paul Morphy opera game animation. To show love, I will also be doing game of thrones with twitch chess celebs and Fabi vs. Magnus world championship games in Pokémon style. I hope you enjoy this work submitted by Chess-Swagger to HikaruNakamura [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 10:37 BigBanter409 Academic Conduct Question

Has anyone here ever sent off previously assessed work for job applications? I’ve been asked to as part of an application process, but wasn’t sure if I’m actually allowed to or not as I would technically be sending it to a third party.
I’ve asked the relevant people at my uni but they keep pushing me to other people as they are not sure of the answer themselves. Thinking about just sending it as I’m getting pissed off now!
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2021.10.22 10:37 Professional-Gur-820 My brother and mom call me petty for not getting over something that happened 2 years ago

I'm (25f) dating my boyfriend (25m) for the past 3 years and I absolutely adore him and see a future with him.
Before I got with my bf I had a guy bff (25m) who we were very close with. Sometimes our actions would be misunderstood and everyone would think we're a couple. I didn't like being called a couple but my bff seemed to enjoy it. Anyway after I got with my bf I made sure to set boundaries with my bff which included, no more cuddling, no back massages, no sleepovers or nights out being wasted. I wouldn't like my bf doing that to me so it was only reasonable for me to make sure my bf feels secure. My bff seemed to understand the boundaries at first but after then he started acting like those boundaries didn't exist and did what he did before. I told him multiple times to stop but he wouldn't listen. He made my bf uncomfortable on purpose on multiple occasions and he'd also embarrass him publicly to get a reaction out of him and I had enough of his actions so I made it clear to him that we're done.
The last straw which led me to do this was when we were out with some of my bf's friends, my bff was there too and he introduced himself as my original bf & my main love. I never dated him and I never loved him as anything more than a friend. So when he said that I was taken aback, everyone including me, my bf's friends and my bf felt very uncomfortable. In order to avoid starting drama at that moment we all tried to enjoy the night and the next day I met with my bff and told him we're done. He never apologised for his actions, he even claimed my boyfriend is jealous and its not his fault he's insecure. When I told him I had an issue with what he did as well he just said ok fine bye. No remorse for what he did.
I met him on some friend outings from time to time, I'd typically say hi but I refused to engage in conversation. Recently my brother got a text from him, asking to hangout and I was shocked because they barely knew each other. My brother started hanging out with him despite me telling him I'd find it disrespectful if he hanged out with a guy who he barely knew and also tried to cause drama in my relationship but my brother went. He's been hanging out with him since and I don't like it but I don't really speak on it I ignore it.
Yesterday my mom asked me why I'm still not talking to ex bff and I said because he never apologised for what he did. She says that I need to get over it and stop being petty because he'll be visiting our house a lot now since he and my brother arrange to play ps5 every Sunday in our home. I said no way will I ever be ok with that. She and my brother insist I'm petty and immature. I don't know what the right thing to do is at this point, is there a way to move on?
Tldr ; ex bff got in contact with my brother and my mom and bro claim in petty for not forgiving him
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2021.10.22 10:37 DCSM6 hello there. My mom wnats to divorce my dad. Pls read below

Hi im 14. My mom want to divorce my dad. I fully agree with her decision, the only problem is the court. Ok so i was born in South Africa, my mom is 47 and my dad is 52. My dad became a weird strange person. Hes a narcasist and just overall a minupulator and a douche/idiot. We moved to Zambia (200km from South Africa. The problem is my dad earns all the money. Will my vote coint in court and will it be possible to devorce him?
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2021.10.22 10:37 fudandelion Yumihisu Fanart

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2021.10.22 10:37 Xenometan Why are we supposed to feel happy because some people lead worse lives than we do?

I am often told to not feel down because I am luckier than some. How does that even work? Am I supposed to feel happy because many people die of hunger while I can go to bed with a full stomach?
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2021.10.22 10:37 Culehand80 Advice on the Sylvie-Balcony or Gen Admission

I've yet to see a show at the Sylvie. My favorite band is coming. Should I go general admission or balcony? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 10:37 ayeteekay Picked up this babe the other day.

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2021.10.22 10:37 OppositeLeader4203 We've got a debate going on, some people believe that 'Beef-Porotta fry' and 'Black Tea' should be included in the map for Kerala, others disagree. Would like your opinion on that.

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2021.10.22 10:37 Public_Preparation26 MNKD and DWAC breaking free the run is MNKD has just started🚀🚀🚀💎💎 no halts yet

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2021.10.22 10:37 PEABS127 Nyo ho ho! Little fanart I've done :) Check out my profile for the video process

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2021.10.22 10:37 Stradez1 NFT play trading stupid cheap - $CSCW

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2021.10.22 10:37 MJStockTrader Red White & Bloom Names Alcohol Industry Finance Executive Chris Ecken as CFO

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2021.10.22 10:37 Prof_XdR Petition For Dk to be a honorary member of this sub

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2021.10.22 10:37 Key_Walk7465 Poetic language

Hello fellow readers,
I think Ive asked for suggestions like this here before but maybe you have some new suggestions. I'd love to find a book that's written in poetic language. Little short stories or something. Something that could could fit into a song. Do you have any books that come to mind ?
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.10.22 10:37 Qeldroma311 Sox in 7

That is all. Have a great Friday!
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2021.10.22 10:37 MRRJ2313 We are gonna see ah shit here we go again in 4k

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2021.10.22 10:37 Gravvex Getting rid of the "discover stuff" on the lock screen

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2021.10.22 10:37 dowseri Abductions and alien agenda

Im not an abductee but Im fascinated by the subject and I have read 200+ reports from documented sources. I've noticed patterns of reports, which can be split into 3 categories:

  1. Random happening upon an entity or entities that seem to be surveying their surroundings. Mostly physical, sometimes interdimensional. Friendly chats or invitations, sometimes no verbal communication but witnesses do not feel threatened or coerced, sometimes entities are non biological (robots).
  2. Feelings of being followed or watched, night or day time abduction, sometimes willing, often forced, memory wipes, surgeries, messages relayed of eco disasters, classic "Gray" encounter but sometimes involve handful of recurring species.
  3. Random bizarre encounters that follow no pattern, mostly physical sometimes interdimensional often involving animal like cryptids, single or in groups, mostly no communication or message of bad intent, physical or mental attacks, witnesses are targeted but pattern seems to follow an area rather than an individual.
I'm summarizing and am trying to get everything under an umbrella of patterns here. If the universe is infinite, then there would be an infinite number of intelligent life forms, and not all encounters could be attributed to one alien "race". Also, the universe is vast, so one race would not necessarily invest a lot of resources coming to Earth* (unless it brings them more resources than it takes)
Also, advanced technology does not always mean advanced culturally, as can be seen on earth throughout our history. A species can stagnate, even for millions of years, without outside influence. There are some questions that keep popping up as to motives and the nature of alien life which I think we can answer with logic.
The 1st type encounter seems to be explorers who recognize us as intelligent beings and respect our place on this planet. The witness is sometimes offered a tour of the craft or even their home planet. Samples of Earth are collected seemingly as curiosities only. Alien beings say they are a peaceful people who keep to their own planet and do not wish to get involved in other planet affairs. Robotic beings make sense in this too, wouldn't humans send robot explorers first as well? I think a lot of these beings do fear us, so sending a robot to explore to any inhabitad planet makes more sense from a safety standpoint. These are usually one off encounters, but there are some reports of friendships continuing for years.
The 2nd type is well known and well documented but not well understood. Some enounters are benevolent, yet they can be confusing. Many benevolent encounters eventually become malevolent. These encounters are an ongoing phenomenon for an individual. Usually never just once. The same questions keep popping up in my mind. Why, despite seemingly able to stop time do they seem to be rushed and have limited time for an encounter? (Perhaps they only stop the perception of time? Which might be why they say we do not understand time, relying on the sun and clocks might be primitive, they could have internal biological clocks which are good no matter where in space you are) Many predictions of Earth disasters, most of which witnesses did not live to see come true. Demanding respect of resources yet do not respect the autonomy of human will. Some offered to give tours of home planet, zero reports of someone returning from such a trip.
Reports of small greys being subservient to other beings. Small greys not always doing a good job and sometimes leading to the death of a witness. Not answering questions or giving conflicting answers. Witnesses die unusually young (under 60yrs) despite being told they are cared for medically by greys. Manipulating emotions and confirming whatever belief a witness wishes to believe (Angels, demons, future humans, etc). Why, if they wish peace, do they not announce themselves and make contact, etc?
The 3rd type are the leftovers that could be the opposite of the 1st encounters, beings that would appear as bizarre or animal like forms to us that do not recognize us as intelligent. They may be fearful of us, or they may not and actively want to kidnap or dissect us. May be interdimensional and their thought process could be impossible to understand.
I have experience in the supernatural and from that I can say what the 2nd type races are not. They are physical beings, from this universe, they are not from the future, not simulation masters, do not travel to the past, did not originate on earth, ever. Reptilians might have, but I'll get into that further down. Earth is not a zoo, nor a nature preserve. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd types are not "caretakers" or "watchers". The earth is a valuable planet and anyone interfering with it is not, by definition, a bystander. There are reports of other species that do watch or protect earth, but they are not in any reports of landings or abductions (I'm including "benevolent" Nordics)
Shadow people are not aliens, they are interdimensional, but barely in our dimension. They are not technological, more like tribal living forms of energy. They might be confined to Earth, or they might be everywhere, but I know they existed before humans. Do other physical (same as ours) dimensions exist? I dont know, maybe. Do "other dimensions" exist with different laws of physics, matter and energy than our own? Definitely. Do they interact? Yup, see weak force gravity. My point being, aliens may be able to cross dimensions, doesn't mean they are native to another one.
Now, to answer some questions with logic, I look to the "grabby alien model". It asks "Are humans early in the universe?", answering the question why we havent run into other civs yet. Mathematically they prove if "loud" aliens existed then they would expand into 50-60% of the universe by now, and that "quiet" aliens would never expand, die out, or get taken over by grabby aliens. Doesn't really prove if aliens exist, but it does say if they do then the only alien civilizations that survive are the ones that expand as rapidly as possible. That's pretty much a law of nature.
There is another source I read that explains that an expanding alien civ does not destroy another, they incorporate it. The universe is vast and resources are limited. You need to make do with what you can get. Basically it says that the universe is more like Stargate then Star Trek. There are no federations of mutual benefit. Technology can be leapfrogged but culture and morals cannot. Warefare in space is not possible if both parties can warp in any direction in an instant. Warfare takes place on planets, like island waystations in a big ocean; but they do not wish to destroy what they wish to conquer and enslave, because that is another jumping off point that is not their home planet. A civ with multiple planets is harder to kill off than one. Hence space cold war, no battles, just subversion. The aliens that come to Earth are more like the East India Trading Company. How does a group with limited numbers conquer a planet without destroying its riches or alerting them to their enslavement? By getting human allies to do it all for them. No one makes better prison guards than prisoners themselves. Aliens do not see humans as equals or ones to be learned from. They need workers. I read most species including greys can not survive on earth. Hence they are making hybrids that can. It wouldn't be just one space civ either. There would be multiple competing groups for Earth. All would protect it from others destroying the prize with weapons, but none that are here are here for altruistic reasons. Little greys are not soldiers, they seem to be the worker drones tasked with a big job. Like Mcdonalds line cooks doing research, PR, breeding program, etc. They aren't here to save us, they are here to indoctrinate you to being their coworker or even subordinate. They themselves subordinate to higher up species. Thats why they are friendly to those open to contact and can be called by them. They are looking for willing partners. Many reports of them trying to infiltrate the military. This is why I think disclosure hasn't happened. The gov met aliens that state peace and cooperation, but are working to integrate the whole planet to their empire. Why would advanced aliens let their ships be recovered by humans long after a crash? To get the humans addicted to the tech. Make it look like the humans got a good deal. Supposedly they did this for all strong nations on earth. The gov has to work with them and "allow" their experimentation in exchange for tech. Trading makes you reliant on the other, especially when you don't know the value you are giving away.
They want to save the earth for them, not you. Humans are needed, but the individual is not special. They will make us like the drones, which had free will bred out of them. No freedom, no travel, no culture, etc forever.
*Humans may have been genetically altered in the far past by aliens, but it was not these aliens. Ancient contact follows a different pattern. There may have even been different groups through history. Records of "battles in the sky" might attest to this. (If we have creators) they could have been driven off, replaced, multiple times. Maybe even original greys were conquered and enslaved only recently, going from a passive to an active role here. *Reptilians could be a conquered race or be forced to live underground. Or created to be the actual soldiers as needed. *Nordics could have an agenda, they must have their own empire if they can freely come and go on earth enough to pop into peoples bedrooms as well. They do not fear us.
I used alliesofhumanity.org for these conclusions. It answers a lot of questions as to what the universe would be like and what is going on here. The bad news is that the Earth is valuable and others want it and to enslave us. The good news is they are physical and can be killed. They fear us. Hence why there is want for disclosure in gov but there isn't. The gov is not ready to fight back and non cooperation leads to war, unless we can make a deal with competing civs. The aliens will only disclose when they are ready for the next step in their plan, ie enslavement (which will be passed off as "willing cooperation" to competing space civs).
Tl;dr there are infinite varieties of aliens, the ones that come here have an agenda that needs to be analyzed and not glorified.
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