2021.10.22 09:26 flyboyanthony BACK 4 BLOOD - INSANE SWARM MATCH

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2021.10.22 09:26 PrimalMusk Eric Trump is literally a moron.

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2021.10.22 09:26 aijazwins Juicy Katrina Kaif

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2021.10.22 09:26 Wowaccount803 My first night sober was not as bad as I expected. Don't wait!

Thursday night football helped me keep my mind clear, and it took my a while to fall asleep. I went to sleep about 1AM and got up around 4 when my son woke up. Had some night sweats. I am very tired today but I'm looking forward to being absolutely exhausted tonight. Hoping the lack of sleep last night will help me sleep tonight.

I also joined the discord, so I might jump in for some convo later on. This sub is nice. I have my family but I don't think they understand the struggle. It's more than just quitting smoking, it's about conquering your demons.

Have a great day all!
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2021.10.22 09:26 deleted_once Porsche VIN checker???

I recently purchased a new Cayenne, it was supposed to be delivered on 10/8 but has been stuck in port. That’s not a problem, I get everything is stuck in port. However, when I bought it, I was told (and I confirmed) it was a 2022 model, all paperwork filled out also says it’s a 2022. I was provided the VIN of the vehicle. So while anxiously waiting for my new vehicle to show up I thought I would see if I could start my online account. When I add the VIN, Porsche’s website says it’s a 2021. I would think the mfg site would be correct, but was curious if anyone else has seen something similar and the online site gets corrected, or is there a more reliable VIN checker I could run my VIN against (or maybe the Porsche account is the most reliable)? I have called my salesman but he’s currently out of the office at a training.
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2021.10.22 09:26 Ok_Board9424 Buy More AMERICAN SHIBA When Ethereum Gas Fees (GWEI) are at a Low Rate ! $USHIBA

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2021.10.22 09:26 its_CheeChung Risotto by@KSUWABE

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2021.10.22 09:26 tarpatch Random camera jerk during normal gameplay

Title. Logged in this morning, doing some quests, then started noticing that about every 2 or 3 minutes the camera would randomly jerk super hard in one direction, making shooting with the musket very tough. Using keyboard w/ no controller attached. Anyone else with a similar problem?
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2021.10.22 09:26 UpstateGhost 2013 oil life monitor.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the iolm in my truck, personally I have not followed it, always changed around 5k miles. However we had a debate weather it took into account if you were running E85 or regular up to --E85. He's running full E85 in his GT, I rarely run E85 in my truck, not cheap enough to run where I'm at. Dose anyone know if the iolm knows what fuel your using and adjusts the interval for a oil change? I tried going through my scan gauge to find a octane or ethanol % but could find anything yet, anyone know if that's even readable in my F150?
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2021.10.22 09:26 BlexArts [For Hire] Hi guys, I’m open for commission. I do: Fanart, D&D characters, Icons and Semi-Realistic Portrait. Starting at 25$ (PayPal only) Here is some examples of my art style. Feel free to DM me if you are interested 😊

[For Hire] Hi guys, I’m open for commission. I do: Fanart, D&D characters, Icons and Semi-Realistic Portrait. Starting at 25$ (PayPal only) Here is some examples of my art style. Feel free to DM me if you are interested 😊 submitted by BlexArts to DrawForMe [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 09:26 DoomsdayBaby2000 Official r/bigfoot T-Shirts and Hoodies?

Let's be honest, the T-Shirt spam posts are annoying and pose a financial risk to those who may fall victim to these scams. I've also even had multiple people ask about the shirts not aware they are spam/scam posts. In order to prevent this scamming from happening, are those who are part of this subreddit open to official bigfoot Merchandise being created? All profit will go to funding Sasquatch related research as well as various environmental conservation charities.
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2021.10.22 09:26 realzanji Why play LoL in Korean?

I get that some very good NA or EU players play on the korean server for better competition. But why do they play in korean? I'm sure there is a way to change the language to english or whatever for korean players so why play in korean when it isn't your native language?
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2021.10.22 09:26 somu1795 Was told I will get Rs 300-cr bribe if I clear deals of 'Ambani', 'RSS-linked man': Former JK Guv

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2021.10.22 09:26 Mr_Cheezles Rinari

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2021.10.22 09:26 Rayna007 CMNS 321 - Citing the text?

Has anyone done this recently who can help me cite the text readings for my written assignments? I am looking to cite specifically the reading on Moodle, not the linked papers and research. I can't find anything in the course info on how to cite for this specfic class.
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2021.10.22 09:26 The-Incognito-One New character art requests requirements (from here )


Updated requirements list:
Current list (update: 22 October 2021):
One art takes about, 1 day, but can take longer in some cases.
If any requirements will change, there will be another post like that, and in all related posts there will be a link to the newest.
WARNING!!! People that make troll requests will be banned from requesting even serious requests.
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2021.10.22 09:26 zergtoshi Continuing 2miners statistics; 2021-10-22

Here's your daily dose of stats. Draw your own conclusion.
Mobile users may need to scroll across to see the whole table.

Date miners %of nw hash rate BTC NANO % of miners NANO GH/s % of pool hashrate >=1 GH/s <1 GH/s avg in MH/s med in MH/s
2021-10-22 12:00 53539 3.64 4481 4923 9.2 567 2.26 85 4838 145 82
2021-10-21 12:00 52548 3.54 4173 4648 8.85 580 2.34 82 4566 148 82
2021-10-20 12:00 51951 ? 3834 4390 8.45 580 2.33 87 4303 148 82
2021-10-19 12:00 51709 ? 3554 4083 7.90 581 2.44 77 4006 50 87
2021-10-18 10:20 49470 ? 2981 3488 7.05 509 1.99 75 3413 149 87
2021-10-17 12:00 48682 ? 2548 2918 5.99 517 2.2 59 2859 ? ?
2021-10-16 16:00 48041 ? 2221 2689 5.60 499 2.2 60 2629 ? ?
2021-10-15 14:00 47029 ? 1751 2146 4.56 383 1.8 35 2111 ? ?
more details about the columns: 1. date and time in UTC when the snapshots of and have been made 2. total number of miners in the pool 3. pool hash rate in percent of total network hash rate 4. miners with BTC payout 5. miners with NANO payout 6. NANO miners in % of all miners in the pool 7. NANO miners combined hash rate in GH/s 8. NANO miners in % of total pool hashrate 9. NANO miners in at or above 1 GH/s 10. NANO miners in below 1 GH/s 11. NANO miners in average in MH/s 12. NANO miners in median in MH/s
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2021.10.22 09:26 lmpin_Aint_Easy not again kenny…

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2021.10.22 09:26 Quick-Somewhere-6474 Mcpe copper armor and weapons mod showcase

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2021.10.22 09:26 Jupidness 3rd in line. Waited for an hour in 30°F weather. With it. Good luck to all!

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2021.10.22 09:26 somnathverma978 Back to School With Immunity

Back to School With Immunity Back to school means busy mornings! ⁣
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2021.10.22 09:26 nottheflyingjew Fastest bounty world record? (Sorry bout the quality)

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2021.10.22 09:26 Bowman01PMC How to improve Jungle CS?

I'm a (currently) Silver IV Support/Jungle main. I climbed up through Bronze with support and now that I'm silver I want to pass the rest of the season in the jungle, since I've been pretty burned by a lot of lanes being out of my hands and, in my opinion, playing jungle helps me have more control over the state of the game, being able to help my lanes get ahead much better than I could when playing support.
Since most of my experience is on those two roles, where farming in lane isn't a skill I am encouraged to focus on, I've always had really bad CS whenever I lane or jungle. My difficulties in lane seem to just be a matter of me learning how to last-hit better and zoning away my opponent, but I have no idea how to improve in the jungle.
I played a game recently as a Poppy VS a Kha'zix. I went for a few early ganks to help my botlane get ahead and I thought, as I hit lvl 6, that I was doing pretty well, when Kha showed himself toplane with a full level advantage and a 20 CS lead on me. The Kha had already shown himself with a few unsuccessful ganks mid and top before now, so I was surprised that he had gotten a lead, however small. We did end up winning that game, so I was able to close the gap with some kill gold, but in most games I hardly ever have a better CS than my opponent, win or lose.
Are there any tips or tricks that I can use to increase my farming gold, without sacrificing my gank potential? Or is my gank-heavy playstyle not compatible with a high-farm advantage?
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2021.10.22 09:26 bigshortsfeet Are there any steelmage builds?

I played SST Glad last league and i really enjoyed it but i can't seem to find any builds from steelmage. Can anyone help?
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2021.10.22 09:26 buuhhu1 List of things I could buy with my moons right now!

Trading at around 0.15$ right now my whole stash would be a whopping 25.35$ (approximately 10 times our minimum monthly wage lol) so i made a list of things i could buy, so you guys can help me decide because they all seem like solid choices :)
-3 BIG MAC -50 liters of Gasoline -1 pair of shoes (good quality) -5 pairs of shoes (bad quality) -3 shirts -84 avocados -376 eggs -42 condoms -1 toaster oven (used)
Moons are awesome, being able to buy avocados just for posting on reddit it's like a dream come true! 😎
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