34 [m4m] #somerville looking to suck and bttm

Who wants to suck my c*ck? (Estevan ) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Oct 16 chat 420 m4m (regina ) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Oct 15 ... Looking for something new (South East SK Yorkton Melville Broadview ) ... Hi looking to meet up and drain ur dick. Reply with … view this ad now! • Looking to suck m4m, Vernon – 42. 0 | Post free ad Help ... Top news and information about gay culture, toys, parties and events. Thousands of men rely on us to stay current on the latest trends. 18 yo m4m eastside. I’ll make this quick. I’m an 18 yo white male 5’ 8” 155 lbs and 6” cut. I’m really horny right now and looking to suck some dick. I am in the redmond area and can travel but not too far. I’m down for public play or CarPlay or your place if your close. Hmu with ur stats a pic and when u wanna meet and let’s do ...

2021.10.22 09:23 Fresh-A4 34 [m4m] #somerville looking to suck and bttm

Hey, 34 here in Somerville looking to suck and bttm , Clean and ddf. Let me know what you’re into nsa / straight cool too. I can host in Somerville. Message me if looking! Have kik if easier: musiq877
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2021.10.22 09:23 SweetWeeabo Just watched fresh lobster's teemo scouts video and it reminded me how bad this card is. Plz riot make scout teemo the new meta.

Just watched fresh lobster's teemo scouts video and it reminded me how bad this card is. Plz riot make scout teemo the new meta. submitted by SweetWeeabo to LegendsOfRuneterra [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 09:23 Phayzka Final Battle Round: Join the Party! (11/162)

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2021.10.22 09:23 Wheezy_Fucker $SIMP - Holders Analysis

Hi all, Jojocrypto here.
I'll be uploading this analysis on a daily basis to assist in understanding our holder base.
We've just shaken out the majority of pre-salers, and with so much news on the way, nows a great time to be keeping our finger on the pulse and really see how our holder-base is changing!
Keep on SIMPing!
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2021.10.22 09:23 Intelligent-Bit-5537 [WTS] Glock 43 OEM mags & P320 FDE mags $40 (GA)

-(2x) Glock 43 OEM mags w/ strike industries +2 mag extensions $40 each. -(2x) +4 strike industries mag extensions $20 each. -(2x) +2 4 strike industries mag extensions $15 each. -Glock 43 ETS 12rd magazine $15. -Sig P320 21rd magazine $45. -Sig p320 17rd magazine $40.
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2021.10.22 09:23 LordJim11 Ancient DNA reveals the long-sought homeland of modern horses | Science

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2021.10.22 09:23 jilljpeterson0001 Texas faces tipping point as COVID-19 spreads

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2021.10.22 09:23 LyuSifer "The man who sleeps with an itchy butthole will wake up with a smelly finger" - some philosopher probably

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2021.10.22 09:23 Advanced-Window4491 Sky Shiba - Just Launched! Sky Shiba - Get the next flight to the moon!

📈: 7% Buy Tax
📉: 7% Sell Tax
🔎 : KYC doxxed owner
💰 6% Shiba Inu Rewards - Passive income just for holding!!
⛽️ Rocket Fuel Buy Back
We will have a Rocket Fuel release function that can be activated, using a percentage of the fuel to inject into the chart and lock it away permanently!.
🔥 Fuel Frenzy 🔥
Rocket Fuel will be rapid released at certain periods, buy taxes go to 0% for 1 full hour and sell tax will be 30%!
🔶 Why Fly With SKY SHIBA?
Here at SKY SHIBA we have a dedicated team that will be working around the clock to ensure all our supporters get the maximum effort to make this a success. With marketing funds to push out ongoing promotions such as Twitter campaigns, youtube promotions, Influencer support, outside marketing firms, community giveaways, shill contests, BTOK ads, publication listings... the list is endless what we we can keep pushing out from the marketing funds!!
⛽️ Manual Rocket Fuel releases - The team have the power at any point in which we see a downtrend to release as much Rocket Fuel as they see fit!! 🚀
🔥 FIRE FUEL FRENZY - Buy taxes go to 0% for 1 full hour and sell tax will be 30%!!!
❤️ Socials 👇
❤️Contract: 0x3349e8840f5c8f8053e3d37575590bf5a4bd8e16
❤️Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3349e8840f5c8f8053e3d37575590bf5a4bd8e16
❤️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3349e8840f5c8f8053e3d37575590bf5a4bd8e16#readContract
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2021.10.22 09:23 ocolly Cowgirl seniors reflect on beating Sooners one last time

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2021.10.22 09:23 Year-20-20 So after waiting 30 mins to get in the game. Solve your issues Blizzard.

So after waiting 30 mins to get in the game. Solve your issues Blizzard.
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2021.10.22 09:23 Fault_Spirited what if pirates warlords and mafias found Australia

what if pirates warlords and mafias found Australia https://preview.redd.it/260viokwszu71.png?width=2010&format=png&auto=webp&s=0940a39149025735b64d990565b867f29c0188fe
In this alternate Instead of the British empire coming instead, the conquers of the sevens came to the land of Australia but with it came many warlords and mafias that take the land. Ok some of it may be very illogical and will be changing the names
In this timeline a band of Uskoks a batch of irregular Croatian soldiers that had drifted way off course from their original destination. when landing they would meet the aborigines in which they work together to find their way on this new land even viewing them as equals, after a while the place would become the Tattooine of the late 17th century with it being a pool of crime. But by the time of 1809 they established order with them organising a leader and a military
Port Libertlia:
The discovery of this newfound land bought a lot of attention as pirates saw it as the base of operations for piracy while the British saw it as land to claim for the queen the two would meet on the island as pirates would explore the land taking whatever they found. they would encounter one another disposing of one another stance. During the exploration, the two factions would discover A common enemy as the natives of the land fought fiercely, this would put the two in the situation as both sides were losing to this fierce enemy. they would make up an alliance with and through this they would respect one another and when the fighting was over both of them lived in harmony with the British deserting t=the military and made this a land of freedom and new beginnings
Tsar Town:
In 1727 7 years after the birth of the Russian Mafia and Russians grave in the Russo-japan war saw Australia as a new start for their empire, when the Russians came there they faced the same problems as port libertila had so needed more men he hired the mafia as they already knew everything about a gun without the training. The plan would go smoothly but after a while income the Russian mafia wasn't coming and started a coup resulting in the Russian army leaving and the gang claiming as theirs and they were still imperials
città dell'eldorado:
The Italian mafia had always kept their identity a secret from society but came out of the shadows to take their place in Australia but came a the cost of having high tensions in the family. They hire mercenary military. when they occupied the land then tension that had built up had burst open and had unleashed a mafia civil war with one half staying in the shadow while the other had made the mark on society.
New Bringingham:
Tomas Shelby a WW1 veteran was scared from the horrors of the battlefield but when he came back home he drove business up as the violence helped him during his construction of the families organization. But in this timeline, he goes to the streets rallying men to his side their he would use his money to train these men. when he took over the section he would claim himself king Shelby and started the royal British mafia and came into good trading terms with the Imperial Russian mafia
Wagga Wagga:
During 1919 native aborigines were touched and enslaved by the small gangs and British colonials. One man by the man of Miro a veteran of the great war came back with dreams to give his people hope of freedom and true liberty. there he would lead a rebellion where he would create a militaristic lifestyle when he freed his people,
The soviet Citadel or the purple bit
During the 20s the Soviets gained a lot of power and came in contact with an aboriginal communist who broke off from Miro's rebellion as he viewed as he believed his regime was useless in which he broke off. After coming contacting the soviet legions of men came to the place establishing a soviet stronghold and was called the soviet stronghold from is a firm grip on the nation
During the 18th-century confedrate general Micheal miller was a confedrate general to the dismay of his two brothers and his family, But during the civil war, he realised how the confederates would lose to the union in the future and would plead to confederates to colonize the island but was denied and mocked. Even though mocked by his family and superiors he would gather as many men as he good about 3 legions. even though not with many men these men were well prepared for war.
Commonwealth of Australia:
In this timeline, the Irish Catholic community was harassed in America by the native population and made Shlinders peak. but as things to be peaceful one man by the name of Amsterdam Pirece believe that should join the British empire and make the commonwealth of Australia and would call the citizens of this nation true Australian.
Cape york:
Amenidel the oldest out of one of the 3 brothers did join the military but when the civil war came he was devastated by the self collapse of his country and the tearing of his family and started his own faction joining not joining on neither side and strived for liberty. and founded Australia to keep the two brothers at bay from not causing war in Australia
Schindler's peak:
so the Irish community is sick and tired of the constant harassment from Americans decided to colonize Australia just for a place to live in peace, the Irish didn't have much land but with the help of the Irish rebel army were able to gain more land
The Outback:
the outback is unclaimed by any leader or group but was the area for many bloody wars and even being the first time the use of trench warfare in Australia
kumların altın şehri/ the golden city of the sands
Mustafa was a young boy growing up in imperial turkey where he lived mother and father. when he was a young child he was told tales of land that healed piles of gold. but this would change when Mustafa's mother died from an illness. The father Mustafa had once known was long gone and from that point on told stories about the mighty janissaries and how the ottoman empire will be once again on top of the world (this was after in ww1). he enlisted into the military at 16 and forced him to do drills this would shape Mustafa from a boy to a smile on his face to a soldier. By 1925 he learnt about Australia through the Itlians and how they found gold. he would lead 6 battalions and invade but made some bad choices that didn't give him much land. when he had control of his territory he claimed to the rebirth of the ottoman from there on he created the janisaries and pleased his father dreams
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2021.10.22 09:23 ShaunWortis Tips on hanging paper maché masks?

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2021.10.22 09:23 lss_mobile_1431 Ggg

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2021.10.22 09:23 JosephStrap Did i relapse?

Day 12. Yesterday i took a peek into porn (which i know i shouldn't, big mistake), and looked at It for like 5min. I got an erection, but when i came back to reality, i immediatly stopped myself. Didn't masturbate or anything, just watched (and i don't feel like doing this again, ever). Does this counts as a relapse or i can keep counting from day 12?
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2021.10.22 09:23 jisachao HELP

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2021.10.22 09:23 minaaskide2001 takt Op }destiny edit// Cossett edit} - 🌸

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2021.10.22 09:23 unclenugget93 Whoever did this..

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2021.10.22 09:23 keijiddnd New Rebase ☝️ and Reflection Token ♻️($DOGE) on BSC 🔥! 🐶Windoge95! 🤝Trustworthiness and 💾 Nostalgia! Mooning Really Soon🚀. Incentive for Holders 💰 and Play to Earn Arcade mini Games!🤑DX Public Presale Very Soon🚀 Such Doge, Much WoW, So Windows95 🐶

🐶 Windoge95
💾 Windoge95 is about trustworthiness and nostalgia!!! Nostalgia about the good old days where the Windows95 system was solid and a partner in.....everything!!!
💸 An Elastic Supply Token with Reflection Rewards in $DOGE.
☝️ We use Rebase for our goal to always pump our price, till we reach our 1st Milestone: $500.000 per token!!. We guarantee a constant pump in price!
♻️ Hold $WNDG95 in your wallet and get rewarded in $DOGE! There is no minimum amount!
A small Introduction
🤝 Windows95 was made for two things, Nostalgia and Trustworthness!
💾 So why did we chose that name? Because we are longing for those times.... Those times bring nostalgia and that operating system was solid!! That's what Windoge95 is about!
So how can we achieve that?
☝️ Rebase: There is no limit to where this token can go!!! we will reach the moon!
♻️ Reflection: Get rewarded in $DOGE hourly! No minimum amount you have to hold!
🤑 Play to Earn: Play our arcade games and win great prizes by achieving the highest score! Can you be the arcade champion?
🖼️ NFTs: Come and Check our cool NFTs!!
🐳 Max Wallet: There will be no whales in $WNDG95!
🤳 Sell tax: Discouraging swing trading is …. Encouraging!!!
But still, why hold? Why wait to reach the target price?
💰 Well....There is an incentive Wallet!!! Keep till the 1st milestone and you might be the lucky winner of $50,000 worth in $DOGE!!!
Keep till this wallet reaches $250,000 and be the 1st to do a rountrip to the moon paid in $DOGE.
🤔Let's make it simple:
A tax of 15% per buy transaction is implemented.
✅ Tax: 15%
-🔥 3% to Liquidity Pool with Auto-Burn LP Token mechanism.
-⚖ 5% to Marketing to fuel our Nostalgia!
-♻️7% to Holders!
✅ Initial Supply: 1Quadrillion $WNDG95
✅ Features:
-🤳 Anti-Swing Trading: 3%tax fee upon selling transactions.
-🐳 Max Wallet: Noone can hold more than 1% of the marketshare
-🔒 Giveaway Wallet: 20% of the tokens are 100% locked! Their Rewards are used for..Giveaways
-🔒 Incentive Wallet: 20% of the tokens are 100% locked! Their Rewards are used for incentive for people to hodl!
🚀 Presale on DX Very Soon!
——— Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95 ——-
"Let the Arcade Games, Begin"
📝Social Links :
🌍 Windoge95
🐥 Windoge95 Twitter
💬 Windoge95 Telegram
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2021.10.22 09:23 AliveInCLE Lindsay Czarniak, Fox Sports

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2021.10.22 09:23 CrazyMcScissorpunch7 [fournationsfigs] LEGO Team Avatar

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2021.10.22 09:23 limousinee Tretinoin has ben very helpful to me

I’m so grateful to have found tret and this community which helped me achieve a skin which was like a dream even 8 months back. Even with severe purging I kept going and the credit for my motivation totally goes to this sub. My simple skin care regime with use of tret twice weekly has given me wow results. This tube of tret A-ret 0.025% which I ordered from India (from highstreetpharma) at a quite reasonable price did wonders which expensive products from estee lauder / la roche posay couldn’t.
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2021.10.22 09:23 Suitup217 My attempt at the Pallid Hand scheme C+C welcome!

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2021.10.22 09:23 BernardSack The NHL has suspended San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane for 21 games for submitting a fake COVID-19 vaccination card

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2021.10.22 09:23 FCBitb Check out this awesome Star Light Zone remix!

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